Monday, November 2, 2009

in which linda returns

Hi, friends. Hello. You may not remember this far back, but I used to write for this blog. I was the Linda in the 'Erin and Linda'. Well, I'm back.

In addition to the myriad excuses I've prepared like 'the dog ate my blog post' and 'foodie aliens abducted me,' I've been on a trip. It was nice, thank you. I gained a sincere appreciation for Boston. I lost my glasses. But overall, net gain, I'd say.

Erin has been been phenomenal at holding down the blog fort, but I'm excited to jump into NaBloPoMo! I have recipes, and I'm excited! I will finally post the salmon pies, and I've been obsessed with brown butter lately so I have a cupcake and a risotto to share for that.

Food soon.

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