Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheers from London

Hi. I made it! A 10 hour flight, no sleep, and lots of plane trivia later, I am here in London. Sadly, I have no internet where I am staying, so all hopes of keeping up with NaBloPoMo have flown across the Atlantic (oh wait, I did that). So unless Linda is insane, (she is superwoman, but this is just too much to ask of one person), NaBloPoMo might be on hiatus.

I know. It saddens me too.

But, just so you don't feel totally abandoned while I'm frolicking in Rainy Londontown, here are some things that I am eating:

Pubfood: Meat pie, mash, and veg. Really they call it mash and veg. Short, sweet, and yummy :)

This pie is made of lamb and a mushroom sauce. The pastry outside was really good, too. Pubs are great places to find cheap, filling food.

Is anyone else a Harry Potter fan? This pub (Heather's favorite, Blackfriars) served Treacle Tart! (Though sadly, I was too full from that meat pie to try it.)

And of course, I'm getting my fill of as much tea as possible. I love tea! This tea is from "Pure Waffle" which had not only delicious tea (this is assam tea), but also delicious waffles. If you are near Bond street, you should go!

Until next time I have internet...

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