Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cake Chronicles - Intermission

It's about to be baby shower weekend! I'm gearing up for a fun-filled day on Friday of decorating both baby shower cakes (see descriptions here). But as I am out of town for work, aside from cake planning, I've been prepping for these baby showers in other ways :) First, I picked up some amazing baby Nikes for both of the mamas! I'll post pics after the showers to keep the surprise.  Second, I am also in charge of party favors for the second baby shower, and I made them last night :)

I went to Michaels and got dinosaur stickers, ribbon and clear baggies, and filled them with mints, hersheys kisses, and bubbles!
the supplies
 It took about an hour to make and fill forty baggies, but it was a fun project to do while watching Netflix in my hotel room. I think they turned out to be very cute!

finished favors!
I still need to figure out what is going to go on top of the cakes. I need to find toy dinosaurs for the sheet cake, and either a toy cowboy hat or toy boots to go on the cowboy cake. Fortunately, I have a couple of days left to search!

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