Sunday, August 23, 2009

almond cake with apricot filling and brown sugar frosting

Apricots were on sale at the store last week, so I bought two pounds with a vague idea of cake in mind. Last summer I made a peach and blueberry upside down cake from Martha Stewart Baking Handbook that was actually supposed to be an apricot cherry cake. I thought this time I’d actually make it with apricots and cherries (which I had at home).

I looked around on the internet for some apricot recipes. Surprisingly, there aren’t many recipes that use fresh apricots. Everything seems to use dried apricots, which was disappointing. I was in the mood to make a layer cake, so I figured it’d be easy enough to make a filling with the apricots I had. I still had the Martha upside cake in my mind, which I remember being extremely eggy, almondy, and delicious, so I decided to try and adapt the recipe for a layer cake. To top it off, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with some brown sugar cream cheese frosting.

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